Home Improvement

A home is most people’s biggest asset. Using a home equity loan product from United Mortgage, the equity you’ve built into your home can be used to make a wide range of home improvements. Best of all, the interest you pay may even qualify for a tax deduction — just like your mortgage.

With a home equity loan, you could:

  • Build a new room addition that could keep your family happy in your home for years to come
  • Upgrade the floors, doors, fixtures, and appliances to increase the resale value of your property
  • Improve your quality of life by building a garden or swimming pool in your backyard

The value of your home can also be used to buy many other things you want but may not have been able to afford, from a recreational vehicle to a vacation home. Home equity loan products enable you to:

  • Purchase a vehicle
  • Pay for the big wedding
  • Take the vacation you’ve been postponing

If you have the plans, United Mortgage loan counselor can help you obtain the financing to complete them.