First Time Home Buyers

Owning a home offers many visible benefits, such as more space, a nicer environment, and the ability to customize the interior and exterior of your home to your personal tastes. Additionally, you may receive numerous financial benefits that may help you for the rest of your life, including:

  • Interest Deductions
    Many borrowers can deduct the interest on their home loan and the real estate taxes they pay on their federal, and sometimes, state tax returns (consult your tax advisor). This tax advantage may make it effectively cheaper to own than rent.
  • Equity
    As you pay down your mortgage loan balance and if the value of your property increases, your home ownership translates into equity that can be used to help finance other major purchases in the future or as a down payment for your next home.
  • Protection Against Inflation
    Owning a home can serve as a solid investment to counteract the potential decline in the value of the dollar over time. While past performance cannot guarantee future trends, real estate has historically appreciated at a higher rate than inflation in most regions.

Buying a home requires more than just the money for a down payment. You must commit to taking control of your surroundings and your finances instead of letting other people do it for you, and that takes preparation and knowledge.

United Mortgage works with you every step of the way to make buying your first home as easy as possible. Working with us, you’ll understand how owning a home is more attainable—and understandable—than you may realize.

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